Log it.

Log your meals, blood sugar levels and insulin units. There are several ways to add information into your journal– text, scanning, voice command or picture – to ensure your time is well spent.

Track it.

Track everything you eat and every blood sugar reading and see what day and time you logged the information. Revisit your journal to see how what you’ve eaten has affected your blood sugar.

Share it.

Share the journal with your health team. Your doctor and healthcare professionals will be able to see your log and help you make the right adjustments to your diet and medications to avoid spikes or dips in your blood sugar levels.

How It Works

With an easy set-up, you can get started using the dLogit app right away.

  • Simply identify if you are a Type 1 or Type 2 diabetic and enter in the medications you’re currently taking.

And that’s it, you’re ready to start journaling.

  • Before your meal, enter your glucose reading.
  • Then, search for the foods you’re eating.

And you’ll have the confidence knowing the information your entering is accurate because all the food data has been gathered from United States government websites.

  • Next, app will automatically set an alarm, so you can enter in another blood sugar reading two hours after you’ve eaten.

That’s it. No unnecessary information; just what you need to self-manage your diabetes food journal.

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Why We Created the App

One of our teammate’s family members was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. He was told to keep a food journal with his blood sugar readings and to log everything he ate.

But as with most people, managing the journal was way too complicated. Some information was on paper, some on his phone…and a lot was just never written down.

So we wanted to come up with a solution to empower diabetics to self-manage their food journaling. And an Android app was desperately needed since there are virtually no other apps on the market that are specifically for people with diabetes. And the ones that do exist, weren’t user-friendly for people with busy schedules.

As luck would have it, the cultivateHealth hackathon, an Austin, TX community health project to improve health care, needed people with ideas for creating apps. This made it the perfect time to make dLogit a reality.

The app was launched during the hackathon, and since then, we haven’t looked back.