Halloween is one of the most fun holidays of the year. Dressing in costume, social gathering with friends, handing out candy…eating a lot of that candy. But if you’re living with diabetes, Halloween might be all trick and no treat.

Treats Don’t Have to be Candy

Watching your kids eat candy and having to resist sneaking some for yourself or going out with friends and not drinking with them at the bar, might be your typical Halloween evening. But it doesn’t mean you can’t still have a treat; you just have to re-think the meaning of the word treat.

Usually at Halloween, treat means sugary candy that’s bad for your diabetes. Yet outside of Halloween, treat has a different meaning – it’s something that makes you happy. (If you’re a Parks and Rec fan, you know that Tom and Donna have a whole day dedicated to treating yourself.)

So instead of making Halloween all about candy as a treat, focus on other activities related to Halloween that make you happy.

Alternative Ways to Experience Treats on Halloween

Go to a haunted house: If you like watching scary movies and want to participate in a fun activity with your friends, going to a haunted house is perfect because it doesn’t involve candy or eating.

Decorate your house/yard: Another fun activity is decorating your house or yard. Try to make your house the scariest one on the block and make as many items yourself as possible.

Carve a pumpkin: If you have kids, you can work with them to carve a pumpkin. This way you spend quality time with them without the temptation of candy.

Host a costume party: If you are the host, you have control over the food and drinks served. Set out a variety of food items that you enjoy and invite your friends and family over for a fun costume party.

Watch scary movies: Pick out some of your favorite scary movies and have a movie marathon on Halloween night.

Remember, treats don’t just mean sugary candy. As a person living with diabetes, you can still make the most out of Halloween, you just have to find a way to treat yourself to something that makes you happy.

Trick but No Treat: Diabetes and Halloween
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